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Discreet Cannabis Seeds UK

Discreet Cannabis Seeds UK

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About Discreet Seeds

Welcome to Discreet Seeds, the UK’s largest and greatest supplier of cannabis seeds based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England. 

'We have been in the cannabis industry for over 25 years and our team has all the knowledge you will need to ensure you have great results every time'.

'We have visited many of the finest breeders from across the world to really see what goes into making the genetics of today and also tomorrow. This means we can point you in the real direction to get the results you are dreaming of ;-)'

At Discreet Seeds we aim to supply only the finest and freshest seeds from the world’s most reputable cannabis seed producers, and we do so at the most competitive prices. We highly respect our customer’s security and privacy, and ensuring this is not compromised is a priority for us.

Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us today via email. We have a knowledgeable sales team who are always willing to share the cannabis seeds wisdom with our customers.
We thank you for visiting Discreet Seeds!

You MUST be 18 or over to use this website, more information can be found on our terms and conditions page.

You have to be 18 years of age or older to enter and order from Discreet Seeds.
Any cannabis seeds sold on Discreet Seeds are sold only with the intentions to be kept as souvenirs or preserving cannabis genetics. Further to this, any information presented on Discreet Seeds or on any seed packaging is made available only for countries where the cultivation of cannabis seeds is legal.

Under no circumstances does Discreet Seeds tolerate, promote or condone the use of illegal controlled substances. It is an illegal offence to grow any cannabis plant in the UK, under Section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, unless you have a license from the Secretary of State claiming you can do so. Any person found to be committing an offence of this nature may be fined, face imprisonment or maybe both.

Before you make any order from Discreet Seeds, be sure to check the laws of your country regarding cannabis seeds as Discreet Seeds does not want any person to breach the national laws. For anyone who does contravene their national laws. Additionally, Discreet Seeds will not be held responsible and we would like you to note that everybody who purchases cannabis seeds from Discreet Seeds will be held responsible for their further actions and consequences.

Top 20 Cannabis Seeds


Blueberry Gelato
(Discreet Seeds)


Purple Stardawg feminised
(Discreet Seeds)


Blackberry Moonrocks (Anesia Seeds)
(Anesia Seeds)


Gorilla Cookies Auto
(Fast Buds Seeds)


Bangi Haze
(Ace Seeds)


Incredible Bulk
(Dr Krippling Seeds)


Orange Bud Feminised
(Discreet Seeds)


White Widow
(00 Seeds)


Reefereshers Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Conscious Kush V3 Feminised
(Conscious Genetics)


Auto Blue Cheese (blueberry cheese auto)
(Barneys Farm Seeds)


Zookies Feminised
(Discreet Seeds)


Sour Cuntz
(Conscious Genetics)


Purple Punch Auto Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Mimosa Auto Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Gorilla Gas Auto Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Cherry Cheesecake Auto feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Bubble Runtz Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Super Lemon Haze Auto
(Green House Seeds)


Bruce Banner #3 Feminised
(BSB Genetics Seeds)

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