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Discreet Cannabis Seeds UK

Discreet Cannabis Seeds UK

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Terms & Conditions

Discreet Seeds is a website for only people aged 18 or over.

Discreet Seeds does not in any way tolerate the use of illegal drugs and will accept no responsibility for the use of any products sold through our website. Any information included on the Discreet Seeds website is intended only for educational, scientific or historical use.

Section 6 of the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 states it is an illegal offence to grow any cannabis plant unless you hold a license issued by the Secretary of State. Any person found committing the offence may well be fined or face imprisonment, or both.

The growing of cannabis is legal in many countries across the world and therefore Discreet Seeds only sells cannabis seeds as souvenirs and not for cultivation. Information on the Discreet Seeds website or on packaging is only made accessible for countries where the cultivation of cannabis seeds is legal.

Discreet Seeds have the right to cancel an order at any time should we believe that the transaction is of fraudulent activity, malicious or if the order will in any way be used to harm Discreet Seeds. Until payment has been received and accepted, products will remain Discreet Seeds property and customers cannot ask Discreet Seeds to honour any errors or price errors in the product description.

Contact Information
You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff by using the contact details provided below and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. However, any questions asked regarding the cultivation of seeds will be refused an answer.

Email: sales@discreetseeds.co.uk
Sales Email: sales@discreetseeds.co.uk


Discreet Gifts
PO Box 239
PE14 4FF
United Kingdom

We always strive for the fastest and most hassle free turnaround on all orders purchased from Discreet Seeds, therefore we always post UK orders with either the UK Special Delivery or Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Delivery options. We send orders within 48 and 72 hours of payment being received except if orders are placed on a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday. We always post orders in discreet packaging for your privacy. Any International Orders places will be sent via Royal Mail Airsure or Royal Mail International Signed services and will arrive approximately within 5-10 working days. Again, orders will be in discreet, unmarked packages.

We ensure your privacy is respected at all times and we send all orders in plain grey bags which will not contain information about the contents or our company name. It is only the recipientís name and address that will be included on the front of the envelope. Any international orders are sent using our Super Stealth option which includes packaged in something similar to a DVD case and again only the recipientís name and address will be featured on the outside of the packaging. There will be no product information or credit card receipts included inside the package, only the product that has been ordered.

Super Stealth
For extra security and privacy on your delivery, you can chose to have your order sent using our Super Stealth delivery option which can be provided at no extra cost. Any seeds will be removed from their original breeder packaging and will be placed in to smaller, individually marked bags and enclosed in discreet packaging. This is the perfect option if you are worried about privacy and security.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your order prior to the items being dispatched, a full refund will be issued (direct to the payment source). If a cancellation/returns request is made after receiving your order; we require all items to be returned in an unused state and in their original packaging. Upon receipt of the return, we will refund the cost of the item(s) however we are unable to refund any shipping charged when ordering.

Dispute and Governing Law
It is in principle lawful to produce, supply, offer to supply, import, export, have in possession or cultivate (in the case of the plant) cannabis products, including medicinal products, when done under a relevant licence issued by the UK Home Office. Subject to conditions prescribed in statute, products falling within the statutory definition of cannabis- based products for medicinal use in humans may be ordered for and/or supplied to patients, and possessed by the patient, without the patient or the supplying healthcare practitioner requiring a licence from the UK Home Office (though a licence is required for all possession and supply in the supply chain up to the healthcare practitioner). Certain other cannabis products are specifically excluded from the definition of cannabis-based products for medicinal use in humans but may also be lawfully supplied in the UK.

Returns Policy
To return any products purchased on Discreet Seeds you will first have to contact us to have the returns approved. Any products that are sent to us without prior consent will be sent back to you at your cost. If a return is arranged it must be sent back to Discreet Seeds within 7 days of the day you first received your order and must be in an unused state and in the condition in which you received the items. We will refund the cost of the item however we are unable to refund any shipping charged when ordering.

Damaged or Faulty Items
It is both unfortunate and unlikely that you will receive a damaged item, however should this occur, we will be more than happy to replace or refund the product for you. You have 14 days of receipt to inform us of a faulty item and if you require a replacement. Any damages after this time cannot be refunded or replaced. We will also refund the cost of posting the item back to us.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell fresh seeds and genuine products and we guarantee this and also guarantee that you will receive your items in a perfect condition. Any seeds that you purchase from Discreet Seeds are of the same quality and freshness as if you were to walk in to a seedbank in Holland. As we are the largest cannabis seed supplier in the UK we occasionally receive discounts meaning we are often able to offer the seeds at a lower price than many of the seedbanks in Holland. We cannot guarantee anything else and if you are in a country that allows the growing of cannabis, we are unable to guarantee that any seeds we sell will successfully germinate; it is a risk you must be willing to take.

You may exchange the items you order for another product if you do so within 7 days of receiving your order. Items again must be in a new and completely unused condition and also in any original packaging. You must state which items you would like to receive as replacements and we can then charge your card if there is a difference in the cost of the items and charge you for delivery.

All seeds sold on Discreet Seeds are sent in their original breeder packaging except any seeds sold singularly or as part of a Pick n Mix. These seeds are first removed from their original breeder packaging and placed in individually labelled mini bags by Discreet Seeds.

Top 20 Cannabis Seeds


Blueberry Gelato
(Discreet Seeds)


Purple Stardawg feminised
(Discreet Seeds)


Blackberry Moonrocks (Anesia Seeds)
(Anesia Seeds)


Gorilla Cookies Auto
(Fast Buds Seeds)


Bangi Haze
(Ace Seeds)


Incredible Bulk
(Dr Krippling Seeds)


Orange Bud Feminised
(Discreet Seeds)


White Widow
(00 Seeds)


Reefereshers Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Conscious Kush V3 Feminised
(Conscious Genetics)


Auto Blue Cheese (blueberry cheese auto)
(Barneys Farm Seeds)


Zookies Feminised
(Discreet Seeds)


Sour Cuntz
(Conscious Genetics)


Purple Punch Auto Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Mimosa Auto Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Gorilla Gas Auto Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Cherry Cheesecake Auto feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Bubble Runtz Feminised
(Tastebudz Seeds)


Super Lemon Haze Auto
(Green House Seeds)


Bruce Banner #3 Feminised
(BSB Genetics Seeds)

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